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From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 21:07:33 -0500

Song:  Jaded
Band:  Operation Ivy
Album: Energy
posted by: SkunX4[email protected]

special thanks to Ryan Cannava


    Z   Q    X      C     F     G      G#   Eii    Fii   D#    D

Intro:  Z, Q, X, Z, Q, X, F

C, G#, G, Eii, Fii (X2) C, D#, D, Fii, Eii, C, G#, G, Fii, Eii


C                                       G#                        =

something breaks inside of you with the specatcle of all the shows
F                                    G
fifteen fights and your six bucks go up some promoters nose

(same chords)
jaded eyes see clearly but only half of what's there
good old days are tossed behind what's left is boredom and despair

    F          =

but sometimes every once in a while
sometimes every once in a while


     C            F     G               C           F     G
it's beautiful, i would say, i wouldn't have it any other way

(same chords)
if i said different it would be a lie if i said different it would be a l=

C, G#, G, Fii, Eii (x2)
C, D#, D, Fii, Eii
C, G#, G, Fii, Eii

what was once rebellion is now clearly just a socail sect
are you just upset cause your own social clique has left
leave when you want cause i know that someday i will too
but i won't burn my bridges and be just another jaded fool



C, G#, G, Fii, Eii (x2)
C, D#, D, Fii, Eii
C, G#, G, Fii, Eii


be a lie....

there ya go! yet another one i got a bunch of requests for! enjoy
send all comments, questions, punk tabs, andor requests
(i'll do my best!) to me at: [email protected]

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