Title:Why Im Here(solo)
   Album: Febuary Sun
   Date: Febuary 1999

   ok, this is my first time to tab something and i am sure that it is 100%
   correct, u just have to follow me on this one, if u have any question or
   coments,requests, email me at [email protected] , and i would be more than
   happy to help.
   First Solo

   Second Solo
   For this second one u have to move the 6 bend up fast and then down so u have
   this two sounding pitch, and at the end where u hit the 6 again, u have to bend
   it up and hit it 3 times, each with a little bit or a higher pitch,


   Well thats all that i have for right now, i am still working on the last solo,
   i only have an acustic/electric guitar so it doesnt do me that good, remember
   if u have any questions,coments,or requests, dont hessitate to email me at
   [email protected], i will be glad to help, thanks alot.

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