Здраствуйте! Подбор осуществил я - Дима
Соло, которое играется в начале каждого куплета 2 раза
удобнее зажимать как барэ
А аккорды такие
На первом аккорде удар вниз а затем вверх потом
приглушение и еще несколько ударов
My girl friend...
V        A          
A - 5 5 6 7 7 5 
my dont donald..
VII              E  
E - 7 9 9 9 7 7 
V        D        
D - 5 7 7 7 5 5 
Вот практически и вся песня
A                   E            D
My girlfriend my dont donald
When I do important just anohter night
But see I was later seven chans a later
She was in the badroom with another guy
And I dont really want to know
So dont tell me anymore
And I really want to hear
About see that love in the ear
And the love mister one who take from the party her
Why mister fidor wants to vist to know
I make the  one who mist between
So spare me the details if you dont my
Now I can understand friends were tell me
Think of gone a help me of enof my eyes
But the play by play makes me one a loosing
Every time you do it man it turns the night
Now I mean bad while we will sorrow
Missining tomorrow that we couldnt have
Runing throw my head all there are an over
Things I never told me just make me sad
And I trust me cei thinking me the vision
Stop with the limit burning to my brane
And I feel so dul there are could ever truster
But so many fucker and I walked away

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