I woke the other day
And saw my world has changed
F                                       G
The past is over but tomorrow‘s wishful thinking
I can‘t hold onto what‘s been done
I can‘t grab onto what‘s to come
And I‘m just wishing I could stop, but

Life goes on
Come of age
Can‘t hold on
Turn the page
Time rolls on            
Wipe these eyes            
Yesterday laughs
Tomorrow cries

Memories are bittersweet
The good times we can‘t repeat
Those days are gone and we can never get them back
Now we must move ahead
Despite our fear and dread
We‘re all just wishing we could stop, but


With all our joys and fears
Wrapped in forgotten years
The past is laughing as today just slips away
Time tears down what we‘ve made
And sets another stage
And I‘m just wishing we could stop

Time rolls on

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