G		    C		D
oh i marched to the battle of new orleans
     G		    C		D
at the end of the early british war
     G		     Am		F		    Em
a young land started growing, a young blood started flowing
    C	      Am	  D
but i ain't a marching anymore

      G			 C		D
for i killed my share of indians in a thousand different fights
      G		   C	      D
i was there at the little big horn
        G	 Am	     F		Em
i heard many men lying i saw many more dying
    C	      Am	  D
and i ain't a marching anymore

     C                  G
it's always the old who lead us to the war
     C          Em	  A
it's always the young who fall
C			       G     D       Em
look at all we've won with the sabre and the gun
C               Am       D
tell me, was it worth it all?

      G         C               D
for i stole california from the mexican lands
      G             C            D
and i fought in the bloody civil war.
      G              Am           F       Em
yes i even killed my brothers and so many others
    C	      Am	  D
so i ain't a marching anymore

      G              C              D
for i marched to the battles of the german trench
     G            C                D
in a war that was bound to end all wars
      G                  Am              F                Em
and i must have killed a million men and now they want me back again
    C	      Am	  D
but i ain't a marching anymore.

      G              C              D
for i flew the final mission in the japanese skies
      G           C               D
and i set off the mighty mushroom roar
       G                Am         C               D
when i saw their cities burning, i knew that i was learning
    C	      Am	  D
that i ain't a marching anymore

        G               C                   D
now the labour leader's screaming when they close the missile plants
  G                  C            D
united fruit screams at the cuban shore
        G                Am               F               Em
call it peace or call it treason, call it love or call it reason.
    C	      Am	  D
but i ain't a marching anymore.

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