Words & Music by Simon Fowler, Steve Craddock, Oscar Harrison & Damon Minchella

Tabbed by Eddie Richardson

Chords Used
	E A D G B e
A	x 0 2 2 2 0
D	x x 0 2 3 2
Bm	x 2 4 4 3 2
E	0 2 2 1 0 0

A		     D
Emily Chambers would make it pay
A			 D
Everyone knew she'd turn out that way
    Bm				D
She turned her back and she'll be O.K
	  Bm		E
But she's not O.K at all

A		     D
Every night with the radio on (2nd time round 'with the lamp light on')
A		     D
Emily fears that the day won't come
    Bm		      D
The moon is there to do her harm
      Bm		E
She's not alright at all

      D			  E
Don't get arrested, don't buy a machine gun,
       A			   Bm
You're not on the run and you're not on the scene.
       D		       E
You're not so cool and you're not a jerk,
     A			    Bm
You may be a villain but no Patty Hearst
	D		E
You're Emily Chambers and what's worse
     A			  Bm
Is a whipping wind and a box in a hearse.
      D				   E
And a trigger in your head and a pen in your hand,
	A			    Bm
And the pain in the verse and the flat drying land,
	D			 E
And the thin of the air and a pain that hurts
       A		     Bm		   D	   E
You're Emily Chambers in the universe, oh, oh



OUTRO (Repeat to fade)
A		     Bm
Emily Chambers would make it pay
A			 Bm
Everyone knew she'd turn out that way

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