Rockin' Chair

Chords used:

C   (x32010)
B/C (x2x010)
Am  (x02210)
F   (x33211)
G   (3x0033)
D   (xx0232)
E   (022100)
Em  (022000)
E7  (020100)

C   B/C   Am  (four times)

Verse 1
    C              B/C         Am                 F
I'm older than I'd wish to be, this town holds no more for me
F   C  G            D7                  F
All my life, I've tried to find another way
  C                   B/C           Am               F  
I don't care for your attitude, you bring me down I think you're rude
F   C  G          D7                     F
All my life, I've tried to make a better day

     Em                  Am
It's hard enough being alone
Em                  Am
Sitting here by the phone
Waiting for my memories
            E    E7
To come and play
     Em   	         Am
It's hard enough sitting there
Em 		        Am
Rockin' in your rockin' chair
It's all too much for me to take
		E     E7
When you're not there

Musical Interlude
(play twice)

C   B/C   Am   Am    F C G   D    F  




Outro (same as intro)

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