Oasis - Idlers Dream (N. Gallagher)

Transcribed by [email protected]


C     x32010
D/F#  2x0232
Dm    xx0231
E     022100
Em    022000
F     133211
G     320003
N.C.  no chord


F  F  F  F

F  F  F  F

Verse 1:

F                      F                 F    F
   My heart it skips a beat when I behold____

F                           F                        F    F
   The light that's shining through your eyes of gold____

Dm                    Dm                  C    C
   From heavenly blood_ you seem to spring____

Dm                  Dm                C    |N.C.|
   From heavenly wat_ers you can drink____

Verse 2:

F                     F                  F    F
   I'll meet you on a day that never ends____

F                      F                    F    F
   I'll greet you in a way that heaven meant____

Dm                 Dm                  C    C
   You lay me down gently on the leaves____

Dm                Dm             C    |N.C.|
   You cover me ov_er in my sleep____


            F                      C
I never did say that I wish I could_

              F                         C
I never could pray cos it's just no good_

                 F                      C
I hope you don't break my heart of stone_

        Em                    Em                   F   F    C  |C G|
I don't wanna scream out loud and wake up on my own_      Mmm____


         Am                       Em
And as I close my eyes and the sky_ turns red

    F                      |C G|
I re_alise just what you are__

          Am                          E               F   D/F#
You're an idlers dream and you're sing_ing shan_gri_la______

           F   D/F#

           F   D/F#

            F   F   C   C  C  C

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