Nine Inch Nails The Day The Whole World Went Away, Bass Tab

Intro and Verse


There's the bass part. The guitar part  is just X466XXX, X244XXX, 022XXX, 
244XXX, and 577XXX in that order in time with the bass. Keep a light 
distortion on it, and turn the mid and high down low. If you want to perfrom 
this and you only have a guitar, a bass, and a drum set (shame on you for 
trying to cover NIN with no keyboard and only one guitar) the bass will have 
to play the part that harmonizes with the voices going nah nah na na..etc. 
here is that part:


In order to play this part right, just a little distrotion, and keep in time 
with the voices. IT is a really easy song to play. Just play the first part 
untill your fingers bleed, then the second part after the interlude. Just 
listen to the CD or the Single and you'll pick it up. Trust me.


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