From: [email protected] (Gary Brown)


Well I play bass,  so I don't know all the guitar, but most of this is

played on both.

Burn Tablature



G|            5_.     |

D|    6___5___   34  .|

A|5___               .|

E|                    |

The underlines and periods are for timing, listen to the track, it's pretty


For the heavy part i d-tune my E to D.  This really helps in beefing up the

sound if you don't have the technology that Trent has.  basically I hit the

low D when the guitar hits the high one.

G|                                |

D|                               .| 

A|5   5__ 5   5_  5   5__ 5rest  .| 

E| 000   0 000  00 000   0        |

Hope it helps



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