Intro chords (same as verse chords): F  Bb  Gm7(353333)

(VERSE):(F)I can see we're thinkin' bout the same things(Bb)
And I can see your expression when the phone rings
(Gm7)We both know there's something happening here(F)
Well, there's no sense in dancing round the subject(Bb)
A wound gets worse when it's treated with neglect
(Gm7)Don't turn around there's nothing here to fear(F)

(CHORUS):You can talk to me(F)
Talk to me(Bb)
You can talk to me(Gm7)
You can set your (F)secrets free, baby

(VERSE):Dusty words lying under carpets
Seldom heard well must you keep your secrets
Locked inside hidden safe from view
Well, is it all that hard
Is it all that tough
Well, I've shown you all my cards now isn't that enough
You can hide your hurt
But, there's something you can do


(VERSE):Though we lay face to face and cheek to cheek
Our voices stray from the common ground where they
could meet
The walls run high, to veil a swelling tear
Oh, let the walls burn down, set your secrets free
You can break their bounds, cause you're safe with me
You can lose your doubt, cause you'll find no danger
not here


Oh, I can see you running...I can see you running
I can see you running all the way back home
I can see your expression when the phone rings
And I can see that you're thinkin' bout the same things
Is it all that hard
Is it all that tough
Well, you've taken all there is now baby
Isn't that enough
Well, I can see you runnin'...I can see you runnin'
All the way back

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