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Tabbed by [email protected]

I'm not going to write the rythm, you'll have to gure it out by yourslf, but it's pretty obvious when 
heard the song. I'm not sure that the chords are right(in fact it seems very wrong to me), but it will give 
a start. And it sounds OK when you don't play along with the cd. I'M JUST PUTTING THE CHORDS, NOT THE RYTHM!!!

intro and verse:
                         B  Db
B-12-10-play around with-7--9--|
G-13-13- these chords a--8--10-|
D-13-13- few times then--9--11-|

chorus might be:

G#  B  Db (barre chords)

Have fun!
please email comments, corrections, insults whatever...
drop ma a line if you have tabs for unwound, ligament, calvin johnson, hood, low, white stripes,moldy peaches...

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