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From: [email protected] (Lucien Kleintjens)

	51st State - New Model Army (The Ghost of Cain)


|F  |F

[verse 1:]

|G                 |Am                |F   |F
  Look out of your windows, watch the skies
|G                 |Am           |F          |F
  Read all the instructions with bright blue eyes
      |G |Am        |F              |F
We're WASP's, yeah, proud American sons
   |G                    |Am             |F              |F
We know how to clean our teeth and how to strip down a gun


We're the ...
|Am    |G            |F  |F
  51st state of America
This is the ...
|Am    |G            |F  |F
  51st state of America
We're the ..
|Am    |G            |F  |F
  51st state of America


Our star spangled Union Jack flutters so proud
Over the dancing heads of the merry patriotic crowd
Yeah, tip your hat to the yankee conqueror
We've got no reds under the bed, but guns under our pillows


We're the ... etc.


   |G    |F  |F
   |G    |F  |F


Here in the land of opportunities (ha!)
Watch us revel in our liberty
Well, you can say what you like, but it doesn't change anything
'Cause the corridors of power, they're an ocean away


We're the ... etc.


Wooho ... etc. (3 times I think)


That's all. Pretty simple, isn't it ? Just listen to the record if you
want to get the chorus lyrics and some other details I might have
forgotten right.
BTW, I think the song is originally played by 2 acoustic guitars, one
playing open chords and one barre (at least they played it like this
in the video). The chorus is doubled on electric.

Luus. ([email protected])

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