Nerf Herder - Vivian
Tabbed By: Daniel Taylor
EMail: [email protected]

Intro:    A5 E5 F#5 D5 (strum once) 
A5 E5 F#5 D5 


A5                              E5 
Electronic drums and synthesisers 
F#5                         D5 
And killer haircuts and black eyeliner 
A5                                         E5 
We'll start a new wave band and then I'll make you mine 
F#5                                           D5 
You'll play the keyboards and everything will be alright 


F#5(low)                                               D5 
We'll show the soshers we'll show the jocks 
          A5                                            E5 
We'll show the heshers, we can't be stopped. Come on.. 

A5 D5                A5       D5 
Vivian put your glasses on 
                      A5                 E5                            F#5           D5 
Yeah you've gone away to med school and I've gone out of my mind 

Post Chorus

A5                                                                                E5 
Put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put em on,put ‘em on 
                  F#5                                                              D5 
Put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on,put ‘em on

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