song: ride wit me (3)
        tab by:master_zero

      this is my first tab so dont laugh at the
   mistakes I make.
      Key:(/) - slide up

    E ------------------------------------------------------------|
    B ------------------------------------------------------------|
    G ------9/11--11--11-----7/9---9---9------6/7---7---7-----7---|
    D ------9/11--11--11-----7/9---9---9------6/7---7---7-----7---|
    A ------7/9---9---9------5/7---7---7------4/5---5---5-----5---|
    E ------------------------------------------------------------|

     when you hit the last chord let it ring a little.
     listen to song  to get the rythm going.

    any Questions e-mail me at : [email protected]

    have fun ... and oh yeah i am a gift lake and white fish
    rocker. hi mom.

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