Hair of the Dog -- Nazareth
I've done my best to make this sound like the recording as much as possible and
I'm going to assume you know the song well enough to place the given riffs
in order throughout the song... If anyone can correct me here, please do!
Riff 1                        Riff 1A
e: -------------------------  -----------------------
B: -------------------------  -----------------------
G: -------------------------  -----------------------
D: -------------2---5P2-0H2-  -------------2---5P2-0-
A: ---------0-2-------------  ---------0-2-----------
E: -0---0-3-----------------  -0---0-3---------------
Riff 2                        Riff 2A
e: -------------------------  -----------------------
B: -------------------------  -----------------------
G: -----------2---5P2-0H2---  -----------2---5P2-0---
D: -----------2-------------  -----------2-----------
A: -0---0-3-4---------------  -0---0-3-4-------------
E: -------------------------  -----------------------
e: ---------------------------
B: ---------------------------
G: -9-----------9-----7-7-9-9-
D: -9---5-7-----9-----7-7-9-9-
A: -7---5-7-----7-----5-5-7-7-
E: -----3-5-------------------
Riff 1 (Three times) 
Riff 1A (Once)
Riff 2 (Once)
Riff 2A (Once)
Riff 1 (Once)
Riff 1A (Once)
Chorus (Twice)
I hope this helps. If there are any corrections necessary, please inform
me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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