Fm           A#
	Let me show you the way 
	It's a game that we play
	     Fm  A#    Cm
	Oh everyday so easy
	        Fm           A#
	Let me show you the way
	Oh just say what you say
	C#        A# D#
	So easily

Проигрыш: Fm | A# | Cm | Cm  > 2 раза

Cm                  Fm             A#    Cm
  The way of your touch is always heavenly
  And I love the way that you are lovin' me
  You wrapped me up in the colour of your love
  You must be an angel high from above 
  Cm       Fm         A#         D#
  In the game of the heart you know I know 
Cm      Fm      A#   
  That you are mine


Are you gonna be there when I need someone
And will I be always just the only one
I don't wanna have just another heartbreak
So tell me is your love true or a fake in the game of the heart
You know I know that you are mine


  One kiss
  One love
  One word
  One mouth with nothin' more
  One life 
  One dream
  Gonna save it save it for me

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