Blue Buddha
by: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
off the album: 13 Above the Night 
as tabbed by: I suck at bass and i am a loser
who's e-mail address happens to be: [email protected]

first part:(give me money)
    (pick these notes to make a sound)     Q      __
second part:(give me hookerz):P                  | |
G-----------------------------------|   -========= =
D----------------------------------.|-=========        ======= +
A------------------5--------5--5h7-.| -========        =======-|-
E---0---0--5-5--7-----7--7----------|     -===========/       / 
    (you can play these     s--s-slap
     notes with your mind)  s--s-slap

third part:(i like kake)
E-5--5-------------------5-5--2-2-3-3------- where?

don't listen to the song to get the rhythm. if you do, you shouldn't 
really be playing bass anyway. bastards.

Ben Miller's mother looks and acts like a shaved gorrilla.

It's very nice and fun. Enjoy whit pogo dance.

sparkle? sparkle!? sparkle. f*** off.

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