Cm               Fm  
Come into my life
Regress into a dream
We will hide build a new reality
Draw another picture 
Of the life you could have had 
Follow your instincts 
And choose the other path 

Fm          Cm
You should never be afraid 
 G                      Cm
You're protected from trouble and pain
  G    Ab            Cm   G              Cm 
Why, Why is this a crisis in your eyes again 

Taught to be 
How did it come to be 
Tied to a railroad
You'll have to set us free
           G     B     F 
Watch our souls fade away
         Ab      Eb      D7 
Let our bodies crumble away 
              B D7 Gm D7
Don't be afraid 
Fm      Cm       G        Cm
I will take the cold for you 

And I've had recurring nightmares 
That I was loved for who I am 
And missed the opportunity 
to be a better 

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