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(Am)There's a a (E)place in the sun for (F)anyone who has the will(C) 
to chase one and I (E7)think I've found (Am)mine
Yes, I (F)do believe I (E)have found (Am)mine, so (C)

Close your (Em)eyes, and think in (Am)someone you (G)phisically (F)admire
and let me (Dm)kiss you Ooooh (C)let me (Dm)kiss you Ooooh(C)   (E) 

(Guitar solo)

(Am)I've zig-zalled all (E)over America and I(F)cannot find 
a (C)safety heaven 
say (E7)
would you let me (Am)cry on your (F)shoulder
I have heard(E) that you try(Am) anything twice (C)

Close your (Em) eyes, and think in (Am)someone you (G)phisically (F)admire
and let me (Dm)kiss you Ooooh (C) let me (Dm)kiss you Ooooh(C)   (E)

(Guitar solo)

But (Am)then
you open your your eyes(Em) and you see (Am)someone you (G)phisically (F)despise
but my heart (Dm)is (C)open
my heart (Dm)is (C)open to you(Am)

(Guitar solo)
Ending-> Am E F G
         E Am F G

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