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Author/Artist: Morcheeba
Title: The sea (live acoustic version)
Album: Big Calm
Transcribed by: Spoon
Email: [email protected]

-Down tune half step-
[Chord formations]

   [Em7]   [A9]-fret 5-   [E]   [A]   [G]   [A6]  [Bm] [Bmadd11]
  [E*2]    [D6sus2] [Aadd9]  [G6]   [F#7]    [A*2]  [G*2]

[Intro] [Em7]	[A9] 2 times

[Em7]     [A9]                                                                              
Flocking to the sea.
[Em7]            [A9]
Crowds of people wait for me.
[Em7]           [A9]             [Em7]
Seagulls scavenge steal ice cream
Worries vanish within my dream

[E]        [A]      [G]    [Bm] [Bmadd11] [E]
I left my soul there down by the sea
 [A]         [G]         [Bm] [Bmadd11]  
I lost control here living free
[E]        [A]      [G]     [Bm] [Bmadd11] [E]
I left my soul there down by the sea
  [A]         [G]   [Bm] [Bmadd11]
I lost control here living free

[E*2] [D6sus2] [Aadd9] [G6]

Fishing boats sail passed the shore
No thing amazing anymore
The sun is shining the waters clear
Just you and I walk along the pier

[Solo]: [E*2] [D6sus2] [Aadd9] [G6] times 2
        [F#7] [Aadd9] [G6] [E*2] [D6sus2] [Aadd9] [G6]
        [Em7]	[A9] 2 times
The cool breeze flows benign the wasp
Sun gets down it's worth the cost
Id love to stay, the city calls me home,
More hassles fuss and lies on the phone

[Chorus 2 times]
					   [A*2] [G*2] [F#7] [E*2]
I lost control here living living living living, by the sea...
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