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                    Send Me No Wine    (Moody Blues)

%     G  /  C  /  G  /  /  /  G  /  C  /  D  /  C  /

      G          D        C          Bm  D
     Send me no wine, to make an invitation
     Once in my life, I need no conversation

       G          D        C        Bm  D
     Leave me no time, in your imagination
     All of my time, I'll spend in fascination

      C              D
     Only to find, words in your mind
     Give me my love, with you in my life

    G                                 Am             C      G    A  D
     They're gonna make you leave your, leave your heart behind
     If only everybody, found the answer in love

     G  /  C  /  D  /  C  /

      G                   Am  Em  C            Am    G
     Send me, send me no wine,     to send my love away

      G                   Am  Em  C            Am    G
     Send me, send me no wine,     to send my love away   (1) Go %
                                                          (2) Repeat and fade

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Written by:    Mick Anderson     [email protected]
                              or [email protected]
Assisted by:   Ria Heeringa
               Shelley Giblin
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Must be lamb today cause beef was last week =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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