Song: Underground
Band: Moist
Tabbed by:[email protected]

Hello. This is my version of Underground by Moist. The into on the cd version 
is different from the one on the radio. The chords are 
(i'm not positive that the names are right, but play them how I have then tabbed):

Normal Tuning

   C5   D5   A5   E5  Cadd9 Dsus4 Asus4  E?

C5                             D5
Sitting by a Judas mantel
A5                                  E5
Underneath where I can’t tell
C5                                 D5
Found the places I’m destroying
A5                                  E5
Only hoped you’d be there still
C5                                 D5
Could not find a way to be it
A5                             E5
I don’t even mind this time
C5                                    D5
Here we’d like to get things over
A5                         E5
Life love anything at allCadd9Cadd9
And when the morning comes
We’ll site here 
and when the atom breaks 
we’ll just stare
Cadd9  Dsus4  Asus4  E?
And my life goes underground
Cadd9  Dsus4  Asus4  E?
And my life goes underground

repeat this throughout the song. the lyrics change, but the guitar stays the 
same. i'm not sure, the dusu4 chord might be wrong, but the rest sound ok to 
me. comments, questions, rotten fruit, or changes can be directed to
[email protected]

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