Tabbed By:Dustin
   email:[email protected]
   Artist:The MOffatts
   Title:Girl Of My Dreams
   CD:Chapter 1

   This is a good cd, I was very suprised

   Intro: G-Am 
   Em, D, C(hold) 


   Em G A 
   You are the girl of my dreams 

   Em,D C 
   In my heart I believe 

   G Am 
   You are the girl of my dreams 

   Baby, of my dreams 


   G Am 
   All alone in my room 

   C G 
   Wishing that you were here 

   G Am 
   Without you in my arms 

   C G 
   I'm holding back all of these tears 


   Em D 
   Without you in my life 

   Am Bm C 
   I'll never be satisfied 

   ( Chorus) 


   Sometimes I feel 
   I could have been better to you 
   All I want is a chance 
   To prove that my love is true 

   (Repeat Pre-Chorus) 
   (Repeat Chorus) 

   intro chords 2x


   Am Bm C 
   Baby let's go back in time 

   To when our hearts would shine 

   Bm C 
   And I could hold you tight 

   In my dreams at night 

   (Repeat Chorus 3x while fading) 

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