Am                     C
We have a dream - you´ll win tonight
          Dm                             F
Take the chance, take the chance, god is on your side
     Am                         C
We pray for you, you´re like a hurricane
        Dm                         F
You can win, you can win, you can win the game
          Dm                   G
Try the impossible, we want a miracle
And there are millions fans around
      Dm                        G
Our dream is free, we want the victory
The hero´s back in town. 

            Am         Dm
Oh come on, we, we can win the race
   G                C
Oh he, fights from face to face
    F           Dm
Oh see, he will win the game
Again, again, again
            Am         Dm
Oh come on, we, we can win the race
   G            C
Oh he, he will take the chance
   F          Dm 
Oh only the strong survive
We´ll stay by your side 

We have a dream, we don´t give up
We can win, we can win, right from the start
The price is high, time is on your side
Take the chance, take the chance, you´ll win tonight
I know you are the best, you can beat the rest
We´ll never let you down
You´ll have the energy, we want the victory
The hero is back in town

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