C#m G#m A H C#m

Oh, I´m Looking At The Same Old Star
I´ll Be There For You - But You´re So Far 
A                   F#m          A          H
Please Come Back To Me - I Can´t Love A Memory
You´re The Nearset Thing To Heaven Girl 
Baby, Just For You - I´ll Fly Around Thw World 
Oh, Everything I Do - I Do It Just For You

             C#m                        G#m
My Sexy Sexy Lover - Tell Me There´s No Other 
                   A            H        C#m
Tell Me There´s No Other - Deep In Your Heart 
             C#m                     G#m
My Sexy Sexy Lover - I Wanna Be Your Cover 
            A             H       C#m
There´s No Other That´s Breaking Apart 
        E                    H
Oh, My Sexy Little Lover - Swear There Is No Other 
   A                    H
I´ Feel Alone When I´m Coming Home
        E                   G#m
Oh, My Sexy Little Lover - Tell Me There´s No Other 
 A                       H
When I´m Down - Need You All Around

I´m Not A Man Who Wants To Be Alone
And I Cannot Love You At The Telephone 
Oh, Baby You And I - We´re Flying One Mile High 
Oh, Nobody Knows How I Feel Tonight 
I Will Die For You - You Are By My Side 
More Than You Will Know - See My Love Will Grow

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