Am                 Dm
I cannot sleep - the night is young
         G                  C
I cannot eat - I want some fun
           F           Dm
I pick you up - Route 66
Life gives me the kick
          Am                Dm
I cannot live - I love this life
          G              C
I cannot die - can I survive
           F                     Dm
I cannot breathe - without your love
I can´t get enough 

          Am            F
It´s the last exit to Brooklyn
          G          Em  Am
New York City, oh is waiting
Am                 F
You´re a new boy, you´re a party guy
G                      E
Baby let´s dance, and have some joy
Am                      Dm
West coast, east side, that is the place where
G              C
New York, L.A. I wanna live there
F                  Dm
New York City boy, L.A. party girl
Baby let´s dance, in a brand new world 

4 - 6 - 0 - 1 - East Avenue
Why does my heart - beats just for you
I cannot give - you more I´ll give
Baby please forgive
I cannot tell - you thousant lies
I have the love - right in my eyes
The night is young - I want your heart
Baby can we start 

Hold on, baby, baby hold on
Party up, party up, party up, baby, party up, party up 

I can´t believe - oh what I see
I can´t control - it´s extacy
I can´t explain - oh what I feel
My dream comes so real
I cannot leave - your love alone
I cannot go - I´m not a stone
I cannot say - good bye to you
When my dream comes true

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