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               Edith And The Kingpin   -  Joni Mitchell

                         From the album 'Hissing of summer lawns'

                         Tabbed by Howard Wright
                         H[email protected]

The tuning for this is (low to high) :  D A E G C E

or in Joni notation :  D 7 7 3 5 4

(See 'joni_tunings' file for more about her notation)

Chord shapes used :

 055555    777777    888000    555555    556555

  Dm7       Em7/A    Bb6/9-5    Dm7/G     Gm11

 333000     779977     002220    002020

 Fmaj7sus2    A9        Dadd9    Dadd9add4

I still havn't convinced myself 100% whether she uses the Dm7/G chord
AND the Gm11 chord - they're almost identical.  In fact I think she
just uses the simpler shape (i.e Dm7/G) - but if you like the variation
you can use both shapes.

I'm going to be lazy again and not write out all the words (I can't remember
many of them) - but I'll write out a few phrases I can remember so you
know where the changes come.

Here are the main progressions :

Intro :

Bb6/9-5  Em7/A  Dadd9    Bb6/9-5  Em7/A

The outtro uses the same three chords repeating over and over.

Verse :

Dm7                   Em7/A         Bb6/9-5
The big man arrives  disco dancers greet him

                        Dm7/G          Bb6/9-5
Plain clothes cops greet him   small town big man, fresh lipstick glistening

Dm7            Em7/A                Bb6/9-5
Sophomore jive beating frantic and snowblind

             Dm7/G                       Dadd9  Dadd9add4
Romantic and snowblind he says his crime belongs

Bb6/9-5                                     Em7/A
His eyes hold edith his left hand holds his right

                  Fmaj7sus2     Bb6/9-5    Em7/A  A9  Em7/A  A9
What does that hand desire that he grips it so tight

If I've mixed up words from several verses then forgive me !
As long as you see how the chords fit the words/tune then it
should be easy.

Enjoy !


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