Artist : Mishka
Album  : Mishka ('1999)
Song   : Still Got The Love (Track 4/10)
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D                 +     E minor       +    C       +      D   +     G 
You kleft me there on the cold cold street and I still got the love for u

You told ...                            incomplete

I take a ...                         own to feel

Cause when ....                      bring

A minor   +   C      +      G 
When we're falling gonna fall like rain

In the           fire  gonna touch...

Where we standing ...      withstand ...

When we're leaving ...     catch

B minor  +  C 
You are the one

set ...         fire

A minor         +        C     +        G 
And now the world is fallen and u start to cry

And now...               falling...      well is dry

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