Artist : Mishka
Album  : Mishka ('1999)
Song   : Lonely (Track 3/10)
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D     +        A minor   +    C             +           G 
Tired and confused             are u running from the west

Heart ...      abused                 does ....                rest

D            +                A minor +   C            +             G
I wouldn't cry I might make a flood        and I don't know if I can swim
that good , I've been

D    +     A minor + C                +                 G
Lonely, only,             when I stop to think about u, so I

don't ... on                trying ...                above ...

A minor               +                  C 
Been ur fool and been ur loser play it cool and i won't blow a fuse

Been ur fool and been ur loser

Oh not this time !

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