hi this is my first tab + im 14 
so plz dont be 2 harsh but let me know if its crap.
introx2 |-7---5------------------------5----------------
B            A             F        G         A
Walking down monmouth town feeling extremely down
B              A              F# N/C-----------------
Then i see her looking my way one heck of a good looking lady
introx2     C#                 B       A               
(chorus)x2  My hope is getting|  up   | my luck is getting
B     C#
B             A             F               B       C#
The lady came up to me said do you wanna go out with me
B             A                 F#  N/C-------------
What the heck your talkin to me you must be cray--zee

thts it i was bored so i thought id write a song so let me know if its ok or not thanks

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