Sophie      England!

This is my own song so if u like the sound of it please email me at [email protected]     Thanx.xxxxx

Hurtin You

Cadd9   G5               C            G
Baby i need some time to think things through
Cadd9   G5           C           G
I dont wanna end up hurtin' you
D      Cadd9       G5
I dont now what to do
              Cadd9             D
My heart aint strong enough to decide
Cadd9             G5
As well as loving you

NO chorus between verse 1 and 2

Verse 2(same as 1)  I used to think about ma dreams comin true
                    I never imagined id get a chance to be with you
                    Baby you helped me to realize my daydreams could come true
                    Yea darlin i need you

     C     G
Im messed up
me head is in a riddle
     C              G                 Cadd9
the end

Verse 3(same as 1)Ma head stops workin and ma heart takes lead
                    your everythin i ever wanted and i need you hear with me
                    I dont know what to do
                    My heart aint strong enough to decide
                    As well as loving you


Repeat 1st half of 1st verse   up to...dont wanna end up you

Cadd9  G5             C    G       
I dont wanna end up losin you. let the last G fall slowly!!!

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