ok, this is just a song that i made up and all my friends reckoned i should put it in a 
guitar siTE to see what ppl thought of it so i decided to do that. I'm going to warn you
that it is pretty crap but i'm only 14 yrs old :S OK, here it goes:

Am D C A

D            C
I looked at you
         D             C
And my heart began to race
G             D              C
But nothing seemed to get through
Am    D      C      G  
You made me all confused
D              C
You said you liked me
     D        C
You made me believe
G              D       C
Why cant you look and see
Am    D       C      G
What you've done to me

C      D   
I was foolish
    Em     A 
I played along
Em          C             D
Why did it go on for so long?
Em                    C
You're mates told me too
        D                 Am
But i didn't know what to do
C                D          Em               A
So  come clean with me and tell me what you feel

D                C
When you walked past me
   D          C
Between the classes
G                     D       C
You smiled and said hello to me
Am         D     C        G
What was that supposed to mean?
D              C
I asked your friends
      D             C
They said it was a joke
G              D        C
But you kept looking at me
Am     D              C        G
I want to know why you're so keen?


D        C
Ooohhhh, yeah
D       C
Tell me
G           D         C
Why do you keep this up?
Am        D        C       G
Why cant you just talk to me?
Em              D      C    D
All i want to know is the truth!


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