Verse 1:
      C#m        B             A
All I want is to know You more closely
      C#m        B                A
All I need is to feel You next to me
          C#m  B       A
All I can see is Your beauty
      C#m           B        A
All I have is Your faith in me

          E    B  A
So I will lean on You
                 E     B  A
And I'll put my faith in You
             E  B   A   
I will place everything 
        E     B  A
In Your steady hands
        C#m           B           A
Cause I know they'll never let me go

VErse 2:
     C#m      B         A
I am here to hear Your voice
            C#m      B           A
My heart is open to receice Your spirit
            C#m     B             A
LEt it come in and work inside of me
           C#m     B              A
And I will believe all You say to me

            C#m    B             A
Can You hear me calling for You Jesus
          C#m        B              A
I need to feel you moving inside of me

it's pretty easy
just go straight through and after verse 2 play the chorus twice
then go to bridge
play it as manytimes as you deam fit


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