The Stills 
New band from Montreal, Canada (

[a]Clap to the clap track
[e]Don't tell me how you [d]feel
[a]A bored persons nightmare
[e]Crying crocodile [d]tears
[e]Did I blow your [a]mind tonight?
[d]Did I make it al[G]right?

[d]Talk to me[G]
[a]Be sure to [d]call
Talk to me[G]
[a]Talk all you [d]want
Talk to me[G]

[a]Don't say your sorryvvv
[e]Play the part real [d]cool
[a]__I'm not that angry
[e]You're just not that [d]cool
[e]Don't blow your [a]mind tonight
[d]I can make it al[G]right

[d]Talk to me[G] yeah [a]
[d]Talk to me[G] yeah [a]

Tabbed out by Etienne LeBel. Forward any comments or questions at [email protected]

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