Tenor7 - have you ever

This is a song I wrote, I just put the chords where the beat is, other than that, you can play around with them and make your own rhythm.  The first chord is on beat one, and the lyrics start on beat two.  I don’t know what the first chord it called so I called it EC, I couldn’t find it in my chord directory.

-	- 0 - -
-	- 3 - -
-	- 0 - -
-	- 2 - -
-	- 3 - -
-	- 0 - -

Intro: EC x4, Em x4

EC            EC         EC        EC       Em           Em       Em    
     Have you ever woken up in the light of darkness and not know where   
    Em            EC             EC     EC     EC      Em    Em  Em  Em  
 you are until you realize you’re in the safety of your room?

Repeat this twice


     G     G        G         G        D   D         D         D
Well I have and you know it’s not very fun, when you know it’s not a 
EC EC          EC          EC   Em   Em         Em       Em     G   G
pun, when your friends are not around, and your family’s out of town, 
        G        G    D    D     D       D       EC  EC        
and the children are asleep, and nothing makes a peep, and you’re 
EC         EC     Em  Em     EC     EC   EC   EC
scared out of you mind, well I have.

Verse two(same chording as verse one)

Have you ever walked to the basement in the middle of a thunder storm when the power’s out, and the candles are nowhere to be found?

These are the only verses I have, the bridge is the same as the chorus, so if you like it, and if you actually played it without knowing what it sounds like, you can e-mail me at [email protected], thanks a lot.  Oh, and if you ever find out the name of that chord, I’d like to know, thanks.

Mike Lenz

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