struck blind is an very popular up coming punk rock band located in the region of
the UK ( they do have meny followers and i must insist this tab
should be classified on this site as it kicks ass!

intro- D A# F C

verse/chorus- D A# C F E/C

pre-chorus- A# F C D C

solo- D A# F C

D- e---    A#- e---    C-  e---
   a-5-        a-1-        a-3- 
   d-7-        d-3-        d-5- 

you can figure out the rest of the chords yourself the song's pretty easy- the
rythm section is anyway,
for further details on this band check out the site at the top of the screen and
prpeare to be either horribly dissapointed or very much impressed,

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