G                     F#
Pressing my fingers- against this guitar
G                     F#
To tell you a story- of an unknown man
G      F#   
I---- cant describe him
G       F#
You--- cannot tell me a thing
G                            F#
Because you didn’t see him, either

F#      G
Enigma, show yourself to me
F                  A
Come and show me, your face 

A            G#
Telling you- about this man
Has been so much trouble
I hope you understand what I say
G#             A            
As much as I- want you to know
G#                        A
I can’t tell you because- I don’t know

F        G
Enigma, can you come undone
F#                   A
Can I see your face, and your mystery

Written by: David Lawler

This is a fun but mysterious song. Have fun with it!
:) :)  :) :) :) :)

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