Television theme, Where everybody knows your name.
Tabbed by Lukas Payro, [email protected]
artist-Television theme
Title-Where everybody knows your name
Tabbed by-Lukas Payro
[email protected]

                     Cheers theme
             Where everybody knows your name
                 Tabbed by lukas Payro
                [email protected]

THe chords for this song are.G C D B F
standard tuning  E,A,D,G,B,e
(note: I play the be as a barre chord e
                                      g 4
                                      d 4
                                      a 2
Not too hard and the C i play different 
it seems to sound better
Its just like the G, a string down and without the last string

Well enough of that lets begin

[G]Making your way in the[C]world today 
Takes[G]every[C]thing you've[D]got
[G]Taking a break from[C]all your worries
[G]sure[C]would help[D]alot
[G]Wouldn't ya like to[C]get[G]away

[F]Sometimes ya want to[G]go
[G]where everybody[F[knows your[C]name   [D]
[G]And there[F]always glad ya[C]came     [D]
[B]You want to be where[C]you can see
[B]Your troubles are all[C]the same
[B]You want to go where[C]everyone knows 
[G]Your name

All those nights you've got no lights
and the check is in the mail
And your little angel hung the cat
Up by its tail
And your husband wants to be a girl
Be glad theres one place in the world


Roll out of bed, mister coffees dead
The mornings looking bright
And your shrink ran off to Europe and
Didn't even right
And your third fiancee didn't show
Sometimes ya want to go


And thats the song.....comments to 
[email protected]
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