Heres my take on what i remember of the Tales From The Crypt
theme. Its only a little which shows my memory quite well, but I will
listen to the theme when i can find it and update the tab. Its very
simple to play and sounds like it to me wether you think so is anouther
thing but you will need to have the rythem inside your head to play it
effectively. This is my first tab so any comments or advise is very welcomed.
My e-mail adress is [email protected] but any emails with attachments
will be deleted, ive had my share of viruses for a life time.

Part A


Part B
||_7___________7_5______________    Then repeat A + B :)

Thanx for giving it a shot, will be updated soon.

P.S i wrote this tab without the aid of a program,
if anyone knows where to get a good freeware program
for writing tabs could the please tell me. If im to
continue writing tabs it may come in handy.

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