SAILCAT (from Cow & Chicken)

It's one of the best songs used in cartoons and it's easy enough to play. 

by: Wujek Kolnel ([email protected])

Some comments & stuff:

1.It sounds much better, when the first guitar strums the chords and the 
second one does some bluesy improvisation and plays the bass line.

2.There are generally two ways of playing the song...
You can either normally strum the chords OR do it in this easy way:

For example 'Am' would be played like this:


Just listen to it, and you'll know, what I'm talking about.

3. For the people, who have the guitar in their hands for the first time now :)

   A#m = Bbm   {
   D#  = Eb    { 
   F#  = Gb    {   
   C#  = Db    {                                                
   G#  = Ab    {


OK. So, here it is:

1st verse:

Am    C    G        {Repeat a few times
Am   F   D  E       {

2nd verse:

A#m    C#    G#      {Repeat a few times
A#m   F#  D#  F      {

3rd verse:

B    D    A           {Repeat a few times
B   G    E   F#       { 

looks easy, don't it?

Oh yea, the last thing. I Figured it out all on my own, using just my ears and the Force.

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