this is how it really goes you guys, this is 100% correct, if you say otherwise
then go kill yourself.  i also have 2 different ways of doin the first parts, you
can start it off the lazy way, or you can jus go all out and play it for real,
your choice, but the real way is more correct eventhough they both sound good.

lazy person way (not 100%, but still sounds good)
                2x                   2x
G|----------------|   |----------------|
D|----------------|   |----------------|
A|--3-3-0-0-1-1---|   |----------------|
E|----------------|   |--3-3-0-0-1-1---|

Real way 100% correct, a lil harder
              2x                  2x
G|---7---4---5--|   |--------------|
D|--------------|   |---5---2---3--|
A|--5---2---3---|   |--------------|
E|--------------|   |--3---0---1---|

Then continue on with this

Revised tab by Blind
Original tab by Leigh

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