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        A        D  Em D       A

	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go

	Fine little girl she waits for me , Me catch the ship for cross the sea

	Me sail the ship all alone , Me never thinks me make it home

	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go

	Three nights and days me sail the sea , Me think of girl cinstantly

	On the ship I dream she there , I smell the rose in her hair

	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go	Louie Louie,  Me gotta go

	Me see Jamaica moon above , It won't be long me see my love

	I take her in my arms and then , Me tell her I never leave again

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All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

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