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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:27:44 -0500

Fly Like an Eagle
Steve Miller Band
Transcribed by Adam Lane
This is a pretty crappy transcription.  The chords for the chorus are
pretty good. I think the intro is right too, but there's really no guitar=

to speak of during the verse, so that part is how Mr. Miller played it on=

Don Kershner's rock concert in the 70's which I saw on VH1 a few weeks ag=
o. =

Hope it gives you some idea.  And if you have anything better or any othe=
Steve Miller tunes, please post them.
Intro: I think this plays twice
Like I said, I don't think this is on the album version.  I tried to show=

the rythm, but it didn't work, so just play with these notes or something=

Verse:(Time keeps on slippin'...)
   time...on slippin           into the future
Now the easy part, even though this is organ, these are the chords.
        Am          D    F       Am
I wanna fly like an eagle to the see
        Am          D            F            Am
I wanna fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me
hopefully you can do something with this crappy tab. And like I said,
if you have any more Steve Miller or a correction of this, please post


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