Submitted by: [email protected]     -Cheers-

This song has different styles of strumming during the verses and
the chorus. I've done my best to explain it.

     G      Em9 (E)   Dsus4 (D)  Cadd9 (c)


Gx4 strums
Ex2 strums
Dx2 strums
Cx8 strums
Last selection in the ball game

E           D      C
does never get a pass

not appreciated, just his first name

       E            D        C
he's the scape goat of the class

there are no friends to cheer him up and

no girls, no sweet romance

and its impossable to expand

when you never got a second chance


Gx4 strums
Ex4 strums
Dx4 strums
Cx4 strums

         G              E
Do you know, whos that guy

       D         C
whos  all   a - lone

              G            E
and do you care enough to see

          D          C
he's in pain and misery.

I cant be fuct writing the rest of the song tigers!
If ya dont think its write, please email me and i'll write
back and say FUCK YOU!!!! ITS STAYING THAT WAY!!!

                            -BEER IS LIFE-                Cheers.

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