If You Leave My World...........by Michael Learns to Rock
D                                      Bm
What about the life that you were dreaming of
G                              A
What about the picture in my head
D                                      Bm
What about the love that we were fighting for
        Bb              A              D
Is it still somewhere alive or is it dead

G              Bm           Em
How could we ever go so wrong
G             Bm                A
I always thought that we were strong

D                               G
*But if you leave my world tomorrow
And if you leave me cold tonight
            F#m                    Em
(If you're gonna leave me cold tonight)
          A                  D
(Do you really wanna see me cry)
I'm gonna live my life in sorrow
And you'll forever see me cry
             F#m                     Em...A 
(If you're gonna leave me cold tonight)

What about the home that we were building up
What about the colours in our hearts
What about the kids we should be playing with
Should we leave this fantasy into the dark

You are as shining as the sun
You are the place where I belong

(repeat *)

Bm                 Em
Do you share the pain inside
A               F#m            
Do you know how much it bites
Bm               Em
Do you mind to watch me fall
A        N.C
Do you care for me at all

(repeat *)

Chords worked out by Baxter Massey
song dedicated to my ex-girlfriend  Susse Hansen

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