>From: [email protected] (The Avatar)
 >Subject: Need Help with Master Of Puppets!
 	I need some help with this!  I only have an accoustic guitar right
 now, and the `instrumental` part in the middle of Metallica`s "Master of
 Puppets" is played on frets that are way too high....Heck, my guitar only
 has 20 frets, and I can`t even reach those, let alone play them.  Though
 I can play the guitar fairly well, I`m not very good with notes so high on
 the strings...it would be a great help if someone would take the time to
 lower these tabs by a few octaves so I could play them....I`m afriad I
 can`t do much in return...I do have the TAB books to "...And Justice for All"
 and "Metallica"  (Black Album) so I could post some of these in return if
 someone helps me with this! 
 	That middle part in "Master of Puppets" by Metallica...
     Em                     D
    2 lead gtrs
 e |-----19/22--19--------|20---17-------------------20---17--------|
 B |-20---------20---20---|22---19---19---19-19-19---22---19---19---|
 G |-21--------------21---|----------19---19-19-19-------------19---|
 D |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|
 A |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|
 E |----------------------|-----------------------------------------|
   Cadd9                                     Amsus2
 e |19---15-------------------19---15--------|17---15h17p15-14--------|
 B |20---17---17---17-17-17---20---17---17---|19---17h19p17-16---17---|
 G |----------17---17-17-17-------------17---|-------------------17---|
 D |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|
 A |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|
 E |-----------------------------------------|------------------------|
    B7                  B7/D#            RhyFig2a
 e |----------14--------|14---16---17---19----|
 B |16---17--------17---|16---17---19---20----|
 G |16---17--/19---17---|---------------------|
 D |--------------------|---------------------|
 A |--------------------|---------------------|
 E |--------------------|---------------------|
 //                                                                           //
 //  ,d#b,                         THE AVATAR                          ,d#b,  //
 //  #I I#                 ---------------------------                 #I I#  //
 //  `bod`                 [email protected]                 `bod`  //
 //  #####                 ___________________________                 #####  //
 //    #                                                                 #    //
 //    #  "The views expressed here aren`t mine.  Blame someone else!!"  #    //
 //                                                                           //

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