||            Hold These chords
    A B        F#          Repeat|| A B        F# D E F#   D E F#
 A|-0-2-0h2p0----4-----4-----4---||-0-2-0h2p0--4--5-7-4- 9-5-7-4-----|
                                                  Pick real Fast and alot
 By this ( ) I mean hold the B chord with your ring finger and just perform the
 hammer and pull-offs with your index finger. Repeat This rythmn figure until
 you hit the bridge to the chorus. The Bridge into the chorus has a bunch of
 power chords which are held. Listen to the tune and you`ll get the picture.... 
  Chorus (Lyrics go `HELPLESS....!`)
    Part 1                            Part 2             Part 3
    A                      repeat 3x| A         G      | A         G   A
 By this I mean play Part 1 three times, then play Part 2. Then you play Part 1
 three times again and finish the chorus with Part 3. Work with me on this 
 one... I`m not sure about the part 1 section... but this is close....
 Now return to ryth. Fig 1 amd play it till you hit the chorus a second 
 time... do the chorus again and then play rythmn Fig 1 again until you hit the
 little Newstead bass solo, after which you hit a second bridge. I prefer to
 enter into this section with a jumping, banging pick slide. In other words I 
 bounce the pick off the low E, A and D while sliding the edge down the 
 fretboard... Anyway it sounds real cool...
 Bridge 2

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