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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 03:39:31 +0000 (GMT)
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Subject: CRD: Hanoi Hannah     Roger McGuinn  Chords/Lyrics

Roger McGuinn       Hanoi Hannah    written by Roger McGuinn
                                               Jacques Levy


A7            D7                    A A7 A A7 A
Hanoi Hannah averaged bout a man a day
And when she wasn't working she kept the coffee perkin
                               A  A7 A
For the guy who didn't have to pay
         E7          D7                   A     E7
Oh Hanoi Hannah keep working all my blues away
   A7                       D7                     A A7 A A7 A
My home is in Kentucky but loving makes me want to stay
    D7                                                     A  A7 A A7
The captain says I'm lucky but the chaplin says I ought to pay
          E7             D7             A    E7
And Hanoi Hannah  keeps working all my blues away
Well I never  would have thought I'd get so lost out here

Smoking marijuana and drinking beer
And tryin not to think about the time next year
When me and all my buddies gonna disappear
      E7          D7                   A     E7
Hanoi Hannah keep working all my blues away


A7           D7                     A   A7  A  A7   A
Hanoi Hannah took her shoes and ran away
When I told her I was headin to have myself a wedding
                  A  A7 A
To my baby in the U.S.A.
       E7       D7                        A   E7
Goodby Hannah I really don't know what to say
        A       D7           A      D7     A
Goodbye Hannah  well goodbye Hannah

>From Roger McGuinn
Columbia Records  1973

------------------------ -8-------------------------------------------|
--9 7 5--- 9 7 5  ---11 9-------9 7 5--------12-----12------12----12--|
--------7--------7--------------------7--14 -----14---- 14-----14-----|

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