Intro: [Fm  C] x4

          Fm            C                Fm           C
You need love, write a letter. You need love, write away.
        Fm                C              Fm           C
Get it down, you'll feel better, send it now, write away.

Cm                        F
Hey Cinderella, did you need that other fella?
        Eb                          F
On the wrong side of midnight your defences slipped away.
Cm                         F
You need attention, so I think it's worth a mention.
        Eb                           F                            C
That if I can deliver, well, there wouldn't be no heavy price yo pay.

You need love, write a...

Inter: like Intro.

Hey Margarita, I can think of nothing sweeter.
But the taste of your necter, seems to lead the boys astray.
Don't you forget it, well, you know you won't regret it.
Say I've got the answer, you were looking at it long before today.

You need love, write a...

You need love, write a letter. You need love, write away
If you need to feel better, do it now, now, now write away.

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